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AN Content Width Test (Dustin)


The U of S is as diverse as the students that attend it. Although the university sometimes struggles to accommodate this diversity, there’s space for everyone if you look hard enough.

U of S boasts over 130 campus clubs, ranging from the Nifty Knitters to intramural dodgeball to a club devoted to raising cacti. Situated on Treaty Six territory and the homeland of the Metis, it’s worth noting that U of S has made serious strides toward Indigenous engagement.

These include the completion of the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre, a gathering place designed to better serve the needs of First Nations, Metis and Inuit students.” – University Insider Emily Klatt

With a compelling QA testing practice, the cost of SDLC can be decreased. This is because QA testing necessitates that the software complies with the pre-determined standards and requirements; which is a major stipulation in the advancement of the life critical products.

The QA testing should emphasize on enhancing the procedure of software development so as to enhance the quality of products. The objective of QA procedure is to offer confirmation to climb senior management and different stakeholders so that the activities and processes through the software development are intended to maintain a good quality of the final product.

The software maintenance cost is likewise decreased because the software necessitates less change later on with satisfactory QA. Obviously, the correction and changes of mistakes which are found simply after the software release and execution might be expensive and may have a great impact on the reputation of your organization. So, it is essential that the QA processes should recognize errors at an early stage before the software gets discharged, hence resulting in the complete reduction of the whole cost of life cycle.

  • It is imperative to characterize the correct procedures to be used in the product development and assure that those procedures are used as planned without any deviations from those fixed procedures.
  • Testing is one of the key purposes of quality assurance so while good development practices and unit tests assure that you are fabricating your product in an accurate manner; QA and testing additionally will try to ensure that what you are really constructing is likewise right. This implies that the mindset of the tester concentrates more on the end client.
  • The excellent QA strategy comprises of all the above procedures. The main aim is to develop overall software quality and the tester must assure to comply with all the fundamental principles

The site should be interactive because most of the user doesn’t go deep into the content and superficially just read it. In today’s time, more and more graphics with little intel is the new standard format followed by websites to spread the information, instructional data. A survey has shown that people read the website content only when they find it interesting otherwise they just corner it and moved ahead. Online users just read the headlines instead of going deep and read further. So, the interface of the website should be interactive with exciting content.

  1. In a split of a second, the user can decide whether he wants to visit a website or not. So, designers and developers should be clear about the user mind. The user doesn’t want to think that what they have to do. They want some action preference in today’s interface time. Everyone wants to work on a more straightforward website and app.
  2. Designing is a part of the site, but functionality majorly delivers the little extra in interfacing. Websites built in more straightforward type of designs is simple for users who don’t want to put extra thought in mind.
  3. The reusable components, colors, aesthetic behavior makes the people think less. The best part of the simpler design is that the user is familiar with many elements on the site, and thus they make the system lot simple and clear to start with.

With new innovative and advanced UI patterns, one should be aware, as these are being used very commonly. Don’t put pressure on the people in thinking which common component is where. With constant web surfing, users have now become familiar with various types of interfaces. For reference, buttons on the web application or site should look like buttons only. Logo and name of the company is typically in the upper leftmost corner and log in or signup is in the upper rightmost corner. When one shows a lot of creativeness with simple designs and patterns, it might look good, but it might not provide good usability.

Hence, you have to maintain the balance of interface creativity and usability. Some key features like Navigation, button and URLs and their placement in the design should be the prime focus as usability is more important than designs. Therefore, it has been a recommended practice of working on layout first then design.


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