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QP Live: Remember Ottawa?

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In a world where Rob Ford is the only news in town, who’s still talking about federal politics? Rob Ford, actually. The mayor of Toronto gave a nod to the House of Commons when, during an interview with Fox News, he said he aspired to be Prime Minister of Canada. There. Now that you’re thinking about the nation’s capital, let’s talk about Question Period this afternoon. Inevitably, the opposition will continue to press the government on the Wright-Duffy affair—specifically, the Liberals want to know why, when they requested documents related to the scandal, the government couldn’t find anything worth disclosing.

Duffy messiness aside: that simmering scandal of yore, the robocalls affair, stubbornly continues to make headlines. You’ve gotta delve into the weeds of witness testimony to understand the latest revelations: Michael Sona, the man charged with allegedly misdirecting voters during the 2011 federal election, was apparently in Aruba when one Tory staffer claimed to have heard her ex-colleague allegedly cop to the whole scheme. No matter the complexity, you can bet someone on the opposition benches will allude to the (alleged) democratic misdoings.

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Rob Ford, if he were anywhere near the House of Commons, would probably naturally walk into a hot seat. But today, unless Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes an uncommon Monday appearance in the House, a member of his cabinet will dutifully field the toughest queries. Probably, the PM’s parliamentary secretary, Paul Calandra, will be on his feet.