HBO Puts Two Dollars On Sun-Up -

HBO Puts Two Dollars On Sun-Up


HBO announced today that its success with trashy vampire soap operas hasn’t lessened its commitment to its main creative mission: working with guys named David. The least successful of their three Davids, Milch (least successful, I mean, in terms of how long his HBO shows have run; not necessarily from a creative point of view, since Deadwood has a reasonable claim to be the best of the bunch), will create Luck, a drama about life at a racetrack. To the question “which famous person has been lined up to direct the pilot?” the answer is Michael Mann.

Horse racing isn’t exactly the most propitious subject for TV treatment — episodes about racetracks or racehorses are frequently the least interesting of almost any show you can name — but with Milch in charge it’s bound to be at least interesting, if it gets picked up.

Here is what I assume to be a preview clip from the show:

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