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On fourth thought


November 13Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s jet-setting fall tour won’t include a stop at a global climate change summit in Copenhagen next month.

November 14Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s aides say he will attend a key climate change summit in Copenhagen next month, but only if it appears that other world leaders plan to show up … Harper aides say if Obama goes to Cophenhagen, Harper likely will attend.

November 25The White House said Wednesday that Obama will be in Copenhagen Dec. 9 for the opening of a major climate-change summit … The Canadian government lauded the “important step,” but the Prime Minister is still refusing to make a stop at the 11-day meeting… “I have always been clear; if there is a meeting of all major leaders involving climate change, I will, of course, attend,” Harper said in the House of Commons.

November 26Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done an about-face and will attend the Copenhagen climate-change meeting next month. A spokesman said Harper decided today to attend after the American and Chinese presidents announced that they will show up.