The redacted Colvin memos -

The redacted Colvin memos


The BC Civil Liberties Association and Amnesty International have released a collection of documents that appears to include, though heavily redacted, all of the numbered memos cited in Richard Colvin’s affidavit.

By my count, those memos are KANDH-0029, KANDH-0032, KBGR-0118, KBGR-0121, KBGR-0160, KBGR-0258, KBGR-0261, KBGR-0263, KBGR-0265, KBGR-0266, KBGR-0267, KBGR-0274, KBGR-0275, KBGR-0291, KBGR-0292, KBGR-0302 and KBGR-0321.